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    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    Are you feeling sad?... Are you feeling depressed?... Are you stressed out?... Oh yea... Then emo is the way for you... Emo is the new fad dude... Emo... Emo... Emo... Is fun... And... Now... Weiqi proudly presents... 10 points on...


    01. Emo can help you save money...
    By being emo, you would lose all your appetite... Then you no need buy your meals... (Especially useful when you are in fast food joints or restaurants with friends... And you have no money...)

    02. Emo can help you save energy...
    By being emo, you would be expression-less most of the time... Using much less energy than those happy idiots laughing away at that corner...

    03. Emo reduces risk of dying...
    By being emo, you only think of dying... But those happy idiots laughing at that corner might just die anytime from a heart attack or lack of breath...

    04. Emo lets you hurt yourself...
    And lets you enjoy it in the process... Ouch... Yea... Only chance that you can join in the fun with your friends as they abuse you... Imagine... Other people and you attacking yourself... Isn't that fun?... Oh yea...

    05. Emo lets you learn the emo song...
    E is for emotional, ruins everybody's day...
    M is for miserable people...
    O is for on the dark side, coz we have some fresh cookies.

    06. Emo lets you take seh pictures...
    Oh yea... You cant be looking seh while smiling right?... Totally weird...

    07. Emo lets you sing any song and would sound nice...
    Any song that you put in your feelings to sing would sound nice... Of course, emoing must sing emo song... Make sure your emoing when you participate in singing competitions... Like that confirm win one...

    08. Emo helps you lose weight...
    Coz when you emo, sometimes it leads to crying... Your body would lose water and therefore, you would be lighter...

    09. Emo can draw attention...
    When you emo, people confirm come to your side and ask about you... It's a new way of wooing boyfriends or girlfriends... Woohoo...

    10. Emo contributes less to global warming...
    Coz you breath normally when you are emo... But you breath faster, taking in more oxygen and releasing more carbon dioxide, when you laugh... Save the earth, go emo...

    So that's why being emo is so good... However, over or under dosage is unhealthy... Over dosage causes over-emoness , making you can't stop emoing coz you are addicted to it... Under dosage would show that you are actually dead coz no one in this world faces no sadness in their life... Being emo is good for health... Recommended dosage: once in 3-7 days... We should have an international emo day, where everyone emo together...

    And if you're inspired to be emo after reading this post, this video would teach you how to be emo...

    -Brought to you by the currently emoing Weiqi...
    The above is all original and typed by weiqi with some reference to the video...

    :D 1:06 PM

    Monday, June 23, 2008


    :D 7:00 PM

    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    hey ppl. pls rmb to do the following:
    -LMSC report - due coming activity.
    -POP NCO reports- due on THE DAY.
    -CIP reflections - due next week.

    :D 7:08 PM

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    I posted this on the class blog and thought i'll post it here as well.

    Hello everyone! Are you feeling stressed out because you havent started on your homework? Are you worried that you cant finish all your homework before the deadlines? Are pulling your hair and abusing your soft toys coz you cant seem to do any of the homework because of cca and projects? No worries! Coz weiqi's here! Yea man. She will help to provide comic relief for your life! (As well as make this blog alive.) She shall provide some tips to help cope with that pile of homework! (The tips below have not been tested out. Any death of brain cells or injuries to oneself and soft toys are purely coincidental. Please do not blame weiqi.)

    001. Go to moodle and click on all the subjects. Make sure you print out every single worksheet and also finish up the quizzes.

    002. Take out all the homework and stack on your desk to give yourself pressure to do homework faster.

    003. Check the deadlines of all your homework. Arrange the homework where the homework is due earlier is on top. If you have homework that is due on the same day, put the one you deem is easier on top.

    004. Take out all the homework that needs to use the computer to complete out of the pile. Start doing those first. Coz later if you kena banned from computer, at least you finished your homework.

    005. Rejoice for finishing some homework.

    006. Go to play. (You can skip this if you're grounded.)

    007. For the remaining amount of days, schedule a deadline for yourself to complete each of your homework.

    008. Make sure you keep to it. If you cant complete it before the deadline, then give yourself one day grace. If you still cannot complete, dont do it. Coz you would affect your other work. Assign yourself other days to complete the late piece of work.

    009. Do not schedule your homework in a way that you are even more miserable in the holidays than in school. Make sure you de-stress yourself by going out or just having fun at home.

    010. Make sure you give your eyes a break. The amount of myopic people in singapore is already enough. We dont need another one.

    011. Dont give yourself excuses. Be strict with yourself. Be disciplined.

    012. If you really cannot control yourself, please ask someone to help you.

    013. If you meet with any difficulties, either you ask someone or wait until school reopen then ask.

    014. Please do not copy your homework. Coz its homework, not copywork.

    015. Even if you want to copy, please copy smart. Dont blindly copy.

    016. After you have finish your homework, please call weiqi out. Coz she is feeling bored.

    017. If you dont like weiqi, please go organise a class outing.

    018. Make sure it is fun and everyone can make it.

    019. Homework is not scary. Homework is sibei scary.

    020. It can be conquered. It just takes time. And thats what you dont have. Too bad.

    After following the 20 tips, you should be able to complete at least half of your homework before wednesday or thursday. If you are not able to, either you are not following the tips properly or this is just not for you. Please stop using it if it does not work for you and go look for a psychiatrist. You must have some mental problem. Coz it should work for everyone.

    -The above is posted by Weiqi @ woodbridge hospital
    And this is typed by weiqi and not kupped from anywhere else.

    :D 5:08 PM

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008


    :D 9:13 PM

    Saturday, June 7, 2008


    :D 3:00 PM


    :D 11:20 AM

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Finally got something meaningful to post about.

    The results came earlier than expected...


    The GUYS shooting team got 2nd and the GALS shooting team got 4th in the shooting prelims! YAY! Both teams are in the finals! DOUBLE YAY! AND... Our squadmates ZHENGHUI and SANDY got into the individual finals! TRIPLE YAY!

    Congrats and good luck for the finals!

    :D 10:18 PM

    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    HELLO! this blog needs an update. =] since everyone SHOULD be busy doing thier homework. here's 2 vid. kinda senseless.
    qns: why you should do your homework?
    reason 1:

    back to homework. NCO reports are due on THE DAY.

    reason 2:

    squad outing committee! do your job. =]]

    :D 1:36 PM