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    Saturday, December 29, 2007


    :D 10:38 AM

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007


    These are the Year2s in the Campcraft Team 2008. Please inform your squadmates that they are in the team if they have yet to know.


    Guo Zhou Hong

    Heng Tao Qin

    Hoo Chong Xian

    Ng Zheng Hui

    Woh Jun Zhe Keith

    Ye Jun Rong


    Chen Wei Wei

    Hoe Wei Qi

    Mok Wen Tian

    Tan Tat Jia

    Wang Shu Qin Sandy

    Yan Xing Fang

    For those who got into the team you all have to work hard, and for those who didn't make it into the team, don't be too sad as there are other opportunities for you so don't give up!

    On the 27th of December, all those in the CC team are to report in unit tee and trackpants, while those who are not in the CC team are to prepare their full uniforms as your might be required bring your full uniform for activity. Further notice on your attire will be given tomorrow, but make sure your prepare your uniform beforehand.

    Things to take note:

    1. MAKE SURE your full uniforms are of GOOD STANDARD. We don't wish to see ANYONE with sub-standard uniforms. If you all have any queries on how to prepare your uniform do take the initiative and ask your squadmates who have good uniform etiquette.

    2. Revise your Foot Drill and theory for Rifle Drill. We don't want to see ANYONE committing silly mistakes, not being alert etc. For Rifle Drill, your will be tested on the theory portion so make sure EVERYONE revises. As usual, if you all have any doubts or queries you can always ask your squadmates who are sure about the commands.

    If we find out that anyone is unsure about any commands that the rest of the squad is clear about, come for activity in the wrong attire, or if we realise that anyone's uniform is lousy, we will take it that the squad is selfish and refuse to help him/her since we have stated clearly that anyone with doubts can approach their squadmates for help. These people will then be taken out of the squad since nobody bothers about them.

    Also, make sure that whenever there are absentees for an activity, reasons as to why they are absent is stated clearly. Please make sure that your whole squad is informed of everything they need to know, otherwise, we will assume that those who are not informed are not part of your squad too. Do approach us if you have any queries.

    Thanks and Merry XmasYu Tse

    (these r taken from the npcc forum)

    :D 12:50 AM

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Merry Christmas Eve!

    :D 11:03 PM

    Happy B'dae NLWL :)
    Happy Birthday Nicholas Lee Wei Li!

    :D 12:15 AM

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    hello ppl.. regarding my last post.. the attire is unit tee trackpants and the duration is from 8 to 3 as usual. should be dun need to bring anything.. anyway.. if u haven familiarise yourself with the songs and cheers then just bring your NP textbook. If any of you cannot attend the training, please inform any of the sqdmates. oh yes and regarding the swimming certs.. bring the photocopied version not the real one





    thanks. wei wei. as i mentioned, anything to ask me if u have, DUN msg or call my hp! thanks

    :D 4:06 PM

    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    hello... just to inform you.. there'll be activities on the 19th, 27 and 28th of dec. It's compulsory so please turn up. Also, you'll have to bring your swim certs if you have any for your swimming badges on the 19th(latest). Please farmilarise yourself with ALL the songs and cheers in the NPCC TEXTBOOK by the next activity too. Also, those who are invovled in the road marshalling on the 21st for the sec one orientation, please report to school in full-u and WHITE GLOVES. Further details will be given regarding the attire for the training dates. Please pass down this msg to those who who especially are the more blur sotongs ones in our sqd. MAKE SURE they know about this.. you know.. ppl like.... ya.. so please do a favour.. for those in fancy.. please tell those who are not in fancy.. just reconfirm with each other. TY.

    Wei Wei (any enquiries please call my house phone or through MSN. DO NOT call my hp as you'll not be able to reach me) meanwhile.. jia you! and enjoy your holiday! :D

    :D 8:21 PM

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    hello ppl, here's a reminder for those ppl who haven't finish ur sana quizzes(deadline: 15 Dec 2007)...rmb tt u need 10 ppl who have not done it to help u do, and one of them must be ur parents

    :D 5:07 PM