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&9 cool gals
1 SQUAD ]]


[[ year ONEs'ex-ncos 06*]]
[[yong qiang sir]]
[[ wei ying ma'am]]
[[yong an sir]]
[[ wei zhou sir]]

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[[chun ying ma'am]]
[[daphne ma'am]]
[[quan yi sir]]
[[kenneth sir]]
[[wai siang sir]]

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[[geok fen ma'am]]
[[yutse ma'am]]
[[rui xiang sir]]
[[yu shang sir]]

[[year FOURs' ex-ncos 0809*]]
[[jun chong sir]]
[[xing fang ma'am]]


September 2010
14th - yanting's b'day
16th - GP PROMOS
22nd - jiateck's b'day
23rd onwards - PROMO EXAM



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    Saturday, March 31, 2007

    paiseh...apologies for the mix up of winston's and wentian's b'daes =P

    :D 10:37 PM

    Details of the GOH Contingent and Supporting Contingent for Speech Day 2007 has been uploaded on DHSNPCC web. Please click here to view it.

    :D 3:52 PM

    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    ppl pls check the dhs npcc website for more information about the coming speech day. those in fancy mass display, pls check the site for the song that is used for the display.ty:)

    :D 5:59 PM

    yoyoyo ppl! guess what... sandy will be giving us her wonderful and brillaintly funny jokes! it will be posted every two weeks on this squad blog:) appluse for sandy wang's neverending jokes! the best in 2E, NPCC and some say!**p.s it will start from tml onwards? every wed?

    :D 5:51 PM

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    :D 4:25 PM

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    yo ppl!!! did u guys watch e news? vincent was on tv!!! yes, he participated in campus superstar!!! although, it is nt known tt hw many ppl went 4 e css, but vincent did!!! yepps... i wonder if any girl in e sqd is goin...

    :D 8:44 PM

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    who STILL doesn't know who is your angel? lol.. i dunno mine..=P haha! so pls tagg at sqd blog and w8 4 a reply?

    :D 9:56 AM

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    omg. we survived lc!!! hurray!!! so proud man... T.T gosh... nw... we're so scared of trainin camp lol... we stil got 2 more camps... atc n level camp... diz ear shld b fun... e dayz of tougher trainings draw near! mwahahahahahaha... (2 much hwk... gone krazy...) i havent started on e pile o hwk... 2day e fancy dril so tiring... goin 2 drop DEAD... muscle ache... ouch... legs lyk jelly... i <3 mii rifle man... learned a couple o cool moves 2day...omg... nxt mon got fancy again... suddenly, i feel tt mii life revolves around np... aiya... gtg... gd luck n jy 2 al those ppl tryin 2 finish e pile o hwk n projs n assignmens!:) (btw, ne1 participatin in campus superstar? muz tel e sqd so we go support u!!!)

    :D 5:31 PM