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    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    hello. the pretty girl is here to post:D And the pretty girl here is of course ian ian ian ian ian ian..'s good friend. tiantian:D lol. okies. fine. is the both of us posting :D my post(sixian) is in pink, and i'm wt lah.Ok nvm lets cut e crap and gt to e main issue. who wants sqd ouitng? lets have it at wentian's hse ya!?:D haha aiyo my hse gt nth to do lah, ermm...actually hor. we can go there and see her pretyy sisters... and the guys can go meet her parents.LOL!! AIYO!!Ok jasmine dont let me deledt wads shes LETS GT TO E PT!! erm. okies. lets go to. someone's hse? :D lol!! okok. Hmm ok lets go zhou hong's hse. yay! just come to punggol la. than decide which house. *hinthint*(tiantian:D ) Girls, lets go jasmine's hse to meet her bro:DD and the guys shall go to zhouhong's hse to meet his sister?!?!? LOL O.O Ok we are geetin to e wrong direction?So where can we go? lets have a vote:)

    1. wentian's hse.

    2. zhouhong's hse.

    3. weiwei's hse.

    4. other ppl's hse.

    5. East Coast Park/Pasir Ris Park

    6. Go somewhere to eat?

    7. Movies?

    erm. vote by taGgin. yupps. ASAP if you can and inform ppl abt this poll thingy. So we can uh BBQ, cycling, rollerblade, play ball, play playgrnd.

    so hurry!! Get your free votes taken now!!


    *e above post is created for ur entertainment bt pls treat e polls seriously. ty!(:

    :D 2:13 PM