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    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    flagpole project -Objectives of this task: make sure that everyone knows about the erection of flagpole.Using satay sticks, string, cardboard or anything creative, make a miniature flagpole that all of you have learned during the activity on 20/10/2007, Saturday. Make sure that all the mistakes pointed out are not there and the important points that are told will be kept to. There is no need to attach a flag line to it yet.NOTE:This is an individual assignment.1. Confirm a deadline and reply as soon as possible and hand up all the miniature flagpoles. Use your creativity but make sure that all important areas are reflected. Make sure that all products are named.2. Make sure that everyone in the squad knows about this message and the information regarding flagpoles, especially the ones who are not present during the activity itself.Do read up the NP textbook regarding campcraft and footdrill. Remember what have been told during the activity on 20/10/2007.Remember what is to be handed up and do it as soon as possible.Important things to be handed up:1. List of people who will be away during the holidays and the days they will be overseas.2. Attendance list for the activity on 20/10/2007. (Make sure there are 2 attendance lists when reporting for trainings.)Talentime auditions are on Monday 22/10/2007 and Tuesday 23/10/2007.There will be fancy drill auditions for the absentees and re-auditions for selected Year 2s on Monday. The attire will be school PE t-shirt and trackpants. The year 2s who are required to go for auditions and re-auditions will be notified soon.Feel free to come to us if there are any queries.

    -yu shang sir ** these are taken from the forum!!

    This is the list of those who are required to go for the Fancy Drill auditions and re-auditions on Monday(22/10/2007):KeithWei LiQi QianWentianXinfangWeiweiAmyLee YingMake sure that those whose names are mentioned above knows about this.Propose a time and venue asap and inform us. Thank you.

    -geok fen ma'am **these are taken from the forum!!

    :D 7:48 PM